Holiday Gift Guide

Need help in deciding what to get for your friends? We’ve made a holiday gift guide of what to gift the special ladies and gentlemen in your life. And don’t forget to sneak a treat for yourself as well while you shop during the season of giving.


Everyone has the friend who throws the perfect parties, or maybe you are that friend. A great gift for this friend is a charcuterie board. Charcuterie boards are always the star of the show when it comes to party foods. At the Marketplace, we have gathered all of the must-have boards and accessories to create the perfect charcuterie board. We even included two books to take you step by step through every cheese slice and salami rose.

Cook or Baker

Christmas is the baker’s time to shine and we can help make sure it’s done in style. Consider getting this friend the latest cookbook, new tea towels, trivets, mixing bowl, or gold whisk. You can even get them a brie Dutch oven to bake some holiday yumminess. Of course, there are more accessories to choose from, so be sure to come to check out our holiday selection.

For the Kids

As a family-owned business, we couldn’t forget the kids. New to the Marketplace is a 3-piece baking set that comes with everything for them to be the cutest little sous chef. Instead of wrapping up this set with a bow using one of our ice cream or bubble gum machine ornaments—sure to spark your kid’s imagination!


Let’s not forget about all the amazing hosts that open up their homes for holiday celebrations. Help them celebrate a great party with wine wrapped in one of our “Liquid Mistletoe” wine bags or a locally made soybean wax candle with a wood wick. Save yourself some time and let us wrap it up for you before you leave.

Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself

During this most wonderful (and stressful) time of the year, many will spend months planning the perfect decorations and presents for everyone but themselves. Stop in and get a locally made coconut soybean wax candle completed with a bamboo wood wick. Pair it with our limited-edition gold wick trimmers, matches, match holder and a cute tray to finish off the look. Don’t forget to grab a cozy blanket, mug, and some tea tongs/coaster for the ultimate “treat yourself” experience.

Inspired to Gift this Season

We hope that you’re inspired to gift the special people around you with creative and different goodies for them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas season!

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  1. These ideas are inspiring! Such a help in choosing just the right gifts for those special people in our lives – thank-you!

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