Simple Ways to Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where everybody gathers to fill and be filled. It’s the center of the home, that’s why keeping it tidy and up-to-date, is every housemaker’s goal.


If you’re feeling stuck thinking you don’t know how you can update your kitchen, here are simple ways to get started without breaking the bank or knocking down your wall.

  1. Declutter your countertop. A lot of times, the countertop gets cluttered with spices, butter dish, pots and pans and everything that you feel or think should be within your reach. Keeping some of these items out of sight will show more of your counterspace and clear out the clutter. Put them away in your cupboard and organize them neatly, so you can easily find and access it.
  2. Organize your spices. There are so many ways you can organize your spices so that you can easily access them, but also know which spices you’re looking for. Replacing it’s container with a uniform spice jar and labeling them would allow you to identify them right away. Use a spice organizer shelf inside your cupboard to maximize the space.
  3. Use baskets. Baskets are handy for corner section of your counterspace to organize apples or lemons. It not just add an aesthetic look, it’s also easy to know you have those fruits available out in the open.
  4. Hang wooden cutting boards. If you have quite a collection of cutting and charcuterie boards, hanging them on the wall adds additional design elements to your wall.
  5. Add small greenery. Succulents or small potted herbs add greenery and style to your kitchen. It brightens up the space and gives up a clean feeling . Pick a potted plant that will work well in small pots. Succulents are easy choice for kitchen greenery because it’s easy to maintain.