Get More Space and Serenity in Your Bathroom

A bathroom that is simply too small can leave you struggling to find enough space to store the basic necessities. Whether your bathroom is lacking in size, boundaries or both, a few clever organizers can help you whip your water closet into a serene retreat in no time.

Shower Organizers

One of the places in the bathroom that is quick to become a point of contention is the shower itself. Most showers were not meant to accommodate the full complement of products, shavers and loofahs most of us use daily during our shower routine. A tension shower organizer can be a quick solution that will increase your shower storage capacity many times over. This practical space-making device is simple to install without tools and features rubber tips on either end so it will not harm fixtures or tile.

Shower soap/shampoo dispensers is becoming popular nowadays too. Some installation is needed but they can be handy to avoid clutter of placing bottles of shampoo and soap on every corner of your shower.

Over the Toilet Space Saver

Another location in the bathroom that tends to get overlooked is the area right above the toilet. Add a bit more shelf space to your life with an over the toilet cabinet or shelving.

Over toilet shelving is available in a number of styles and capacities, from the simplest metal tubing frames to elegant wrought iron showpieces, complete with cabinets and drawers. Take a moment to find the shelving unit that matches your lifestyle and d├ęcor.

Door Waste Basket

Beware, additional storage in the bathroom can lead to clutter too. While having ample storage facilities can help, going overboard can become overwhelmingly too much. When hunting for the most effective bathroom products, look for opportunities in finding innovative items like “Door Waste Basket” that reduces clutter and provides extra floor space.

The waste basket is an indispensable part of any bathroom, but they can be unsightly and take up much needed room. The Door Waste Basket is designed to fit on the inside surface of any standard cabinet door, so you can keep the trash out of sight and out of mind. This useful waste basket holds 7 quarts and installs easily in mere moments.

Expandable Under the Sink Shelf

Speaking of using cabinets to keep things out of sight, under the sink shelves can add some much needed storage capacity to the area underneath your sink with its clever design. While most shelving units are thwarted from under sink use by obtrusive pipes, there are products that has an expandable feature to accommodate plumbing.

Some under sink cabinets are too cramped to effectively organize, so adding an expandable shelf provides the perfect palette for you to work your organizational wonders.

When it comes to even the tiniest, overused bathrooms, a few well placed and implemented bathroom organizers can transform cramped quarters into a serene oasis in your own home.